Karsamstag. Eine komplizierte Angelegenheit. Gedanken dazu von mir in einem Gedicht.





Zeit zur Besinnung.

Raum für Gefühle.

Zeit und Raum zu erinnern.


Jesus ist wirklich gekreuzigt, gestorben und begraben.

Hinabgestiegen in das Reich des Todes.

Im Grab.

Fassungslosigkeit, Verzweiflung.



Zeit und Raum für persönliche Karfreitagserfahrungen.

Sorgen, Krisen, Trennung.

Verlust, Trauer, Klage.

Schmerzlich, traumatisch, real.


Vor Gott gebracht.



Zeit und Raum sich zu erinnern

und nach vorne zu schauen.

2 comments on “Karsamstag

  • I like the repetition of the words – time and space. We all need time and space for reflection. This period of isolation is ideal. We can pause and perhaps feel time stand still and within the present moment, glimpse what eternity could be like. It will actually be difficult for us to even understand because we are so connected to this finite world. We may become aware that reality may mean far more than we realized. The Saturday is an in-between time – a halfway house. Remember Jesus has died and is not yet risen. What does this tell us? The answer will be different for each person. Even in winter, the seed, which was planted earlier in the year, is still growing in the darkness where we can’t see it. It will eventually come out of the rich soil and sprout into beautiful creations of plants and flowers. My favourite season is Spring. In fact, I’m living in a permanent Spring, having lived most of my life in Winter, where I thought that, in order to survive, I had to conceal my true identity. How wrong I was. Now I live the life I was always meant to live. A life of unconditional love. Jesus said, You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Jesus cried out: Lazarus, come out. I did not read any verse which said that when Lazarus came out of the tomb, he had to shield his eyes from the sun. Finding your true self is the stride towards resurrection.

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